Annual meeting of all partners 2016

Annual meeting of all partners, September 25-26, 2016, University of Vienna.


Interview with Philip Walther on quantum computers

[Walther Group] Philip Walthers new interview on quantum computers was aired on W24

It is likely that we are on the cusp of a new age in computing called quantum computing. In this compilation video, experts discuss where we are in the quantum computing journey and what they expect to come in the near future.

Nonlinear excitation of graphene plasmons

The nonlinear response of graphene enables excitation and detection of plasmons using far-field optics

Surface plasmons in graphene offer a compelling platform for photonic technologies, exhibiting intriguing properties such as electro-optical tunability, a very small wavelength, and high electromagnetic field concentration. Graphene plasmons also exhibit a large bandwidth, extending into the far infrared. Some of these properties simultaneously make graphene plasmons difficult to excite and detect, due to the large mismatch between the wavelengths of free-space and plasmon fields, and the need for sources and detectors at unconventional frequencies.

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Annual meeting of all partners 2015

Annual meeting of all partners, September 7, 2015, University of Exeter. Simultaneously held with GRASP-funded “Workshop on Graphene Optics,” September 8-9. 


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